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Beam of light: Chinese American families and Chinese American Heritage Association make over 1000 PPE face shields for First Responders

UPDATE: After Yankee Institute published Beam of Light: Chinese American Students in New Haven County and Beam of Light: Chinese American Families in Wilton we reached back out to follow-up on their efforts. Their efforts expanded far beyond just students and they have provided hundreds of PPE to hospitals and doctors across Connecticut. Dr. Frank Wang, Ph.D. shared the below update.  

After Yankee Institute published our story on April 9th, we found that many more frontline healthcare workers still suffered from the shortage of PPE, particularly those working in small hospitals that had restricted resources. For example, Dr. Alison Considine, from Woodland Anesthesia Associates working at St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, showed me how they used plastic film or snorkeling gear (see attached photos). In addition to the 500 face shields we made before April 9th, we, more than 10 Chinese families, made another 600-high quality, reusable face shields, using specially ordered clear film that was 40% thicker than common commercial face shield for more comfort and better durability, adjustable/wide elastic fastening band, and comfortable foam front cushion. Chinese American Heritage Association also funded some materials costs. Our volunteers including students, adults, retired seniors and worked on material processing, sewing, assembling and delivering. Between April 28 and May 18, we delivered them to frontline healthcare workers and first responders listed below: 

1. Companions and Homemakers, (160pc) 

2. Yale Hospital, Radiology(20) 

3. Waterbury Hospital, ICU (5) 

4. Southwest Community Center, Bridgeport (10) 

5. New Haven social worker (1) 

6. Yale Bridgeport Hospital COVID team (50) 

7.  St. Mary’s Hospital, anesthesiologists – Dr. Alison Considine, ER Dr. Glen Blomstron, ICU, respiratory, critical care (56) 

8. Gaylord Hospital/ Dr. Wang (2) 

9. Orange police (15) 

10. Orange firefighters (15) 

11. Orange convalescence nursing home (60) 

12. Montowese Health & Rehabilitation Center (20) 

13. Stamford Hospital Anesthesiology (50) 

14. Mount Sinai Hospital/Associated Boiler Line (4) 

15. Griffin Hospital (60) 

Yankee Staff

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