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The Hits Just Keep On Coming

While national leaders scramble to fix the broken system, a new poll from Quinnipiac reveals that Americans are fed up with Obamacare. 55% of Americans now say they oppose Obamacare in the wake of the new program’s disastrous launch.

Quinnipiac shows young voters disapproving of Obama 54 percent to 36 percent and Hispanics disapproving 47 percent to 41 percent. Both groups rate him negatively on the economy, the federal budget, immigration, foreign policy and health care. Bare majorities, 51 percent of both groups, says Obama cares about people like them. Obamacare, popular among both groups in 2012, is now an Obama albatross. Young voters oppose it 51 percent to 42 percent and Hispanics 50 percent to 44 percent. Majorities of both groups give Obama negative ratings on health care.

Even more significant, a majority of Americans now say that President Obama has not been competent in running the government.

Yankee Staff

Yankee Institute is a 501(c)(3) research and citizen education organization that does not accept government funding. Yankee Institute develops and advances free-market, limited-government solutions in Connecticut. As one of America’s oldest state-based think tanks, Yankee is a leading advocate for smart, limited government; fairness for taxpayers; and an open road to opportunity.

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