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Beam of light: Masks for Heroes in Greater New Haven

UPDATE: When we last check in with Masks for Heroes, they had distributed almost 600,000 masks to Connecticut hospitals. You can read about our first update below. Now, Masks for Heroes distributed a total of 1.5 million masks at 27 events throughout CT.  Once masks had become more readily available, they focused their attention to back to school where they handed out over 60,000 masks to kids, teachers, and bus drivers.

Yankee Institute is proud to present “Beam of Light” — A dedicated place to lift spirits by illuminating the many acts of quiet heroism, generosity, individual initiative and kindness that are happening every day across Connecticut during the coronavirus crisis.  

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Hearing about the severe shortage of surgical masks, Madison resident, Bob Stefanowski was able to locate a manufacturer in NJ that had them in stock.  He and Stamford firefighter, Patrick Sasser drove down to New Jersey and loaded up a trailer with 110,000 masks and delivered them to first responders and hospitals throughout Fairfield County.   

This one act of kindness had inspired so many others offer to help that Stefanowski started a grassroots organization MasksForHeroesCT.org.  Masks for Heroes is now working with the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven to receive donations to purchase more masks.  100% of the proceeds go towards the purchase of masks which costs .75 each. 

Almost 100 people have volunteered to help distribute 600,000 masks to almost every hospital and town in the state.  They are also making deliveries to first responders, nursing homes, and food pantries. 

MasksForHeroesCT.org is getting ready to place another order–visit their website to learn how you can donate.

Yankee Staff

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  1. Keisha Hoar
    April 16, 2020 @ 7:43 pm

    Thank you, thank you for writing this and making this public. This is more than our Governor is doing. It is so much appreciated. The entire St of CT should know of this.


  2. Richard Artkop
    April 20, 2020 @ 9:08 pm

    Dear Mr Stefanowski, Thank You for raising money for masks. I don’t know if you are aware ,but Pastor Will Marotti let me speak about a Go Fund Me : Registered Nurse Donna Kirkendall Needs HELP. Donna suffered a chemical exposure at work and recently a toxic mold exposure at her apartment. If you would be so Kind and visit the site explains more. I am trying to obtain environmentally safe housing for this R.N. Donna. She has suffered tremendously. Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Please Help spread the word and prayers are appreciated Thank You, Richard


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