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Beam of light: Soden Tek in Avon and West Hartford

Yankee Institute is proud to present “Beam of Light” — A dedicated place to lift spirits by illuminating the many acts of quiet heroism, generosity, individual initiative and kindness that are happening every day across Connecticut during the coronavirus crisis.  

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Owner of Elephant Trail in Avon and Blue Elephant Trail in West Hartford recognize the additional hardships our older community faces during these uncertain times. In response, they are offering free meals for the elderly today, March 27th. The Facebook post from owner and executive chef, Soden Tek, is heartfelt and thankful towards the community that has continued to support him and his restaurants over the past weeks. He signs his post, “spread kindness” — in Connecticut, it sure is spreading.

You can learn more about Soden’s restaurants and order from his website here.
Soden’s full post is below;

Free Meals for our Elders this Friday (3/27) 
We at The Elephant Trail (Avon) and The Blue Elephant Trail (West Hartford) want to thank all of you for your incredible support this past week. 
You ordered take-out – thank you! 
You purchased gift cards – we are so grateful! 
You left generous tips – we send you socially-distanced hugs! 
You called and emailed word of kindness, and it helped us get through the first part of this tough period. 
We have seen you open up your hearts for us, and we cannot express it deeply enough – how much it has meant to us. We are honored and privileged to be a part of this community. 
We want to extend this kindness back to your friends and family. If you know someone who is elderly and unable to buy food as freely as the rest of us, please call us and we will provide a complimentary meal tomorrow Friday, March 27 between 11:30am-3:00 pm for the first 100 comers. We don’t have the capacity to deliver, so these are for pick-up at the Avon location on 85 East Main Street, Avon CT. 
Please note, we don’t expect our community elders to have to pick up themselves. A loved one or trusted friend can pick up on their behalf. We want to make this easy as possible. 
There are a lot of things that are unpredictable right now, so we want to be a part of helping friends feel embraced by this wonderful community. 
We are humbled to be part of this community and proud to call you our patron! 
And as always, you can support the restaurant and our staff by purchasing gift cards for future visits once we get past this crisis. 
Spread kindness, 
Soden Tek 
Executive Chef/Owner

Yankee Staff

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