Beam of light: bahn meee in Hartford

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Before shutting down both of their Hartford-based restaurants for the safety of their employees and the public, banh meee, offered FREE lunch to all healthcare works until they ran out of food and sent their employees home with food supplies to last them a few weeks.

In a post on Instagram on March 19, 2020, banh meee owner Dung Tran said, “I have always told my team that we should always do the right/best thing and not the easiest thing for our customers and for ourselves. Today, I have to lead by example and follow what I believe in. I have decided to shut down both our downtown store and capitol store after lunch today.”  

After addressing the hardship closing would impose on his employees, Tran continued, “I can’t give [my team] much but they will be given food and supplies that we have on hand to hopefully last them a couple of weeks. We wish the best for everyone and if you work in the Healthcare industry please stop by for a FREE lunch. All healthcare workers will eat FREE today until we run out of food”.  

To learn more about banh meee, visit their website: or follow them on Instagram (@banh.meee). 

Beam of light: Matthew Carrier in Enfield

Matthew Carrier of Enfield Connecticut has brightened his community by putting together a “Bright Night for Heroes” display in his neighborhood. Carrier decorated his home with lights accompanied by patriotic music to help lift spirits and honor everyone working hard to combat COVID-19.

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Beam of light: 850 Degrees Pizza in Ridgefield

In good times, 850 Degrees Pizza in Ridgefield, CT swears that it “make the best pizza you’ll ever eat!” But during the Covid-19 crisis, it has offered assurances to its community of a very different kind. Under the 850 Degrees #NoOneGoesHungry Campaign, they have told their community, “To all those who have changes in employment or income during this time, we are here to help. NO ONE GOES HUNGRY! If you need help, 850 Degrees Pizza will provide you a free 12" cheese pizza every day until the COVID-19 crisis ends.

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