“Public” Health, Indeed

It’s the kind of information that’s released on a summer Friday — when no one’s supposed to be paying attention — for a reason.

After all the self-congratulation about how well Connecticut’s version of ObamaCare is “working,” it’s profoundly alarming to learn that a backpack was found containing the personal information of 400 people . . . and Access Connecticut paperwork. Oh, and it was discovered on the street in Hartford where Access Connecticut’s offices are located.

Citizens have been coyly informed that a “possible” breach may have taken place, and (of course) all the appropriate investigations are being undertaken (cold comfort, no doubt, for those whose personal information was in the abandoned backpack).

If it turns out that what happened is what obviously appears to have happened, it illustrates just one more potential danger of widespread state collection of personal information — and a clear rebuttal to those who would argue that state health care in Connecticut is peachy keen.

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