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Connecticut’s Local Government Website Report Card


By Alexia Boccuzzi, Meghan Portfolio, and Miles Stella

Town and city websites play a crucial role in helping residents understand and participate in Connecticut’s distinctive system of local government. In the course of undertaking the first-ever review of the websites of Connecticut’s 169 towns and cities, Yankee Institute has outlined the information officials should be providing for their constituents on the internet. 

The analysis, conducted between July and September 2021, found scores ranging between 25 and 90, with most websites scoring 60 or below on the 100-point scale. 

This report is being released to begin a constructive conversation about how officials can improve their websites to make government more accessible and accountable. It lists the documents and information each town and city should be posting, and highlights both best practices and common areas for improvement. 


  1. Click beneath report to expand screen for full view.
  2. Click on side arrows to flip the pages.
  3. Click on “+” or “-” to zoom in and out on pages.
  4. Click on bottom navigation bar to view the Table of Contents.

Yankee Staff

Yankee Institute is a 501(c)(3) research and citizen education organization that does not accept government funding. Yankee Institute develops and advances free-market, limited-government solutions in Connecticut. As one of America’s oldest state-based think tanks, Yankee is a leading advocate for smart, limited government; fairness for taxpayers; and an open road to opportunity.

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