Statement from Carol Platt Liebau, President of Yankee Institute For Public Policy

Today’s U.S. Census Bureau announcement that Connecticut was the slowest-growing state in the Northeast over the past decade should sound warning bells in every corner of our state government. 

The best indicator of a state’s economic health is whether people are choosing to live there. Only Mississippi, West Virginia, and Illinois posted worse population figures than Connecticut—and all three of them shrank. 

Gov. Lamont and the General Assembly need to take immediate action to improve Connecticut’s economic outlook. We need to find ways to lower taxes, not hike them, and to make it easier—not harder—to start and expand a business here. 

It’s time to stop blaming the cold New England winters, the Cold War ending, the Whalers leaving, or any other external factor. This is Hartford’s fault. They broke it, and they have to fix it—for the struggling families of Connecticut. 

Yankee Institute has long been charting a better course for our state. We stand ready to work with everyone of every political stripe to restore Connecticut to its rightful status as the country’s most prosperous state. 

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