Yankee Institute statement on Gov. Lamont’s tolls bill

“Yankee Institute welcomes Gov. Lamont’s decision to end the push for tolls this year, and stands ready to help find a fairer way to address Connecticut’s transportation needs — one that doesn’t involve tolling people or businesses. We are aware that this issue may very well return next year, and our position will remain unchanged. Yankee Institute will always side with the taxpayers of Connecticut who have paid more than their fair share already. Not one cent more should be demanded of Connecticut residents until its state government has made meaningful and lasting spending reforms. Now it is time for Connecticut’s government to put this issue aside and address the many critical issues confronting our state, and we look forward to working with everyone who is committed to improving the lives of people across Connecticut through freedom and opportunity for all.”

Statement attributable to Yankee Institute President Carol Platt Liebau

Vermont RGGI negotiator hammers regional gasoline tax proposal

Former Vermont Commissioner of Environmental Conservation and consultant for the Center for Climate Strategies in Washington D.C. Jeffrey Wennberg penned an op-ed blasting a proposal to institute a regional gasoline tax, part of an inter-state compact known as the Transportation and Climate Initiative.  “TCI is nothing more than an inefficient, ...

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CT DOT lacked documentation for at least $200 million in rail car purchases

The day before an informational hearing on Gov. Ned Lamont’s new transportation plan, an audit of the Connecticut Department of Transportation showed a lack of documentation for the purchase price of hundreds of millions worth of new rail cars for the New Haven Line. According to the audit, in 2006 ...

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  1. Thad Stewart

    February 23, 2020 7:02 am

    Fear not anti-tollers. For after the November elections, unless something drastically changes, the demo crats are gonna cram tolls right down the taxpayers throats.

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