Who Are Connecticut’s Unsung Heroes?

Whether they’re real or fictitious, there’s typically an impressive uniform or a colorful costume associated with heroes, and a cape is certainly the iconic accessory.

But the Yankee Institute is searching for more of an everyday, under-the-radar type of hero. Someone like your co-worker who spends his or her after-work hours promoting a cause. Or the retiree who stops by your yard to chat while he’s out walking his dog – and happens to mention that he’s launched a project that will benefit the neighborhood.

In other words, we’re searching for an Unsung Hero.

There are only 20 days left to nominate someone. If you know of a liberty-minded person who has volunteered his or her time to fight for freedom and fairness, with the intention of making Connecticut a better place for us all, now is your chance to honor them.

The 2016 award recipient will receive a $1,000 cash prize and recognition at Yankee’s gala, Connecticut’s Champions of Freedom, on Dec. 1 at the Palace Theatre in Stamford.

Visit https://yankeeinstitute.org/hero/ for details on qualifying criteria or to nominate your unsung hero online. The deadline is midnight August 31.

Remember: no cape required.

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