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Legislative Alert: Working Class Tax Up For a Vote

Lawmakers on the Human Services Committee will soon vote on the Working Class Tax, a tax on jobs. This tax would be mean Connecticut employers would have to pay the state $1 per hour for every hour worked by an employee who earns less than $15 an hour.

Every job matters in our state, and this tax means there will be fewer jobs, and things like your gas and groceries will be more expensive. We already tax too many things in Connecticut – we shouldn’t tax jobs too.

And the money from this tax won’t even make it to workers – instead it will go straight to Hartford for state lawmakers to spend.

This tax makes no sense. It will hurt the people who depend on these jobs to pay for school, gain important experience or to help their families. And it will hurt the rest of us because we’ll be paying even more for the goods and services we need. Please contact the lawmakers on the Human Services Committee today and tell them to vote no on Senate Bill 391, the Working Class Tax. For more information visit WorkingClassTax.com.

Contact the lawmaker closest to you and ask him or her to opposed SB 391, the Working Class Tax.

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