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Yankee Institute Statement on Gov. Lamont’s budget proposal

“Governor Lamont’s commitment to opposing broad-based tax increases is welcome news for Connecticut families and businesses and he deserves praise for laying down this marker.” 

“However, the state budget proposal unveiled earlier today includes several items that weaken Connecticut’s economic competitiveness. Gov. Lamont’s continued commitment to the Transportation and Climate Initiative will put a back-door tax on working families in Connecticut and an additional tax on truckers will fall hardest on in-state companies. The banning of flavored vaping products will hurt an industry with small business locations throughout Connecticut and this budget, like previous budgets, continues to delay promised tax relief like the 10 percent corporate surcharge. 

The pandemic has created an unprecedented situation in Connecticut and the nation, and, looking forward, Connecticut lawmakers and the governor must find ways to reduce the burden Hartford puts on families and businesses so our economy can grow.”

Yankee Staff

Yankee Institute is a 501(c)(3) research and citizen education organization that does not accept government funding. Yankee Institute develops and advances free-market, limited-government solutions in Connecticut. As one of America’s oldest state-based think tanks, Yankee is a leading advocate for smart, limited government; fairness for taxpayers; and an open road to opportunity.

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  1. jim flood
    February 16, 2021 @ 7:42 pm

    How can the governor commit connecticut taxpayers to a regional initiative resulting in increased taxes without legislative authorization?! everything about his proposed budget is suspect for the sole reason he has failed to outline a plan to reduce the budget below the levels required to sustain current debt levels. anticipating federal funds to balance the budget is no different than expecting business activity to increase in a state with the worst business climate in the country (perhaps second to illinois). i cannot support governor lamont or his budget gimmicks.


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