Yankee Institute Statement regarding calls for tax increases

“Raising taxes in response to this economic downturn ignores twelve years of Connecticut’s economic and fiscal history – and will only chop any chance of recovery off at the knees. Connecticut now has an opportunity to gain wealthy residents fleeing New York City and thereby increase its high-income tax base. Raising taxes on the wealthy – for the fourth time in 12 years – will only hasten the outmigration of Connecticut’s wealth to other states and cause those looking for refuge from the city to think twice. We all know tax increases won’t go to help the working class or the poor – they will go to pay for state employee raises and pensions. For years, the AFL-CIO has demanded policies that have put Connecticut at the brink of bankruptcy. Even now, it is opposing sensible reforms of underfunded state pension systems which, by driving up fixed costs, are crowding out other state spending that could otherwise be used to help the most vulnerable among us. To its shame, the state has done AFL-CIO’s bidding for the past twelve years and the results speak for themselves. Repeating the same foolish behavior – but expecting a different, better result — is the literal definition of insanity.”

–Statement attributable to Carol Platt Liebau, President of Yankee Institute for Public Policy

Unions propose Connecticut budget fix by honking horns at rich people

Connecticut union activists are planning a drive-by rally outside the homes of Connecticut’s wealthiest individuals in Greenwich on Thursday, May 21, calling for increasing taxes on the rich to plug an estimated $7 billion budget gap in coming years.  The “Tax the Rich to Save Our Lives Protest” is scheduled ...

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Lamont delays plastic bag tax until June 30

**UPDATE: Gov. Lamont issued an executive order at approximately 8:30 p.m. on May 13 extending the suspension of the plastic bag tax until June 30. Executive Order 7NN can be viewed here. Yankee’s original article pointing out the tax would begin again on May 15 was published at noon on ...

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