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Supersedence: The Consequence of Government Unions’ Special Privileges

Attached you will find our study, Supersedence: The Consequences of Government Unions’ Special Privileges.

This report details one of the most unbelievable benefits given to government unions – that in Connecticut any union contract can override state law.

Here are some of the costs associated with this privilege:

  • Hidden personnel records for public employees accused of sexual harassment or violence;
  • Higher taxes that are called for after contracts override state laws that govern payments into the pension system or other protections for taxpayers;
  • Contracts at the state and local level that override the state’s Freedom of Information laws, limiting important information from getting to the public.

We give our public employees a lot of power – the power to teach, arrest, incarcerate, to care for vulnerable children and protect our environment. With these responsibilities should come greater accountability. Giving union contracts the power to override state law is undemocratic and makes our state’s residents less safe.

We hope you enjoy this study.

**To read the full report, please download the PDF**

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