Yankee Institute’s busy week of testimony at the capitol

As Connecticut’s legislature moves forward debating bills, know that Yankee Institute is at the capitol giving voice to the hard-working people of Connecticut.

In just the last week, Yankee Institute has testified in person or in writing on 13 bills brought up for public hearings. Here is a list of the ideas we supported and opposed.


Senate Bill 13 and House Bill 6208: An Act Concerning the Minimum Wage
Yankee Institute opposes this increase to the minimum wage because it will hurt small business and lower employment for those who need it most.

House Bill 6901: An Act Concerning the Recoupment of State Costs Attributable to Low Wage Employers
This bill would tax franchises and businesses with 500 or more employees $1 for every hour an employee worked for less than $15 per hour. Yankee Institute opposes this bill because it would drive out business, result in higher unemployment and raise consumer prices.

Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 6212: An Act Creating A Paid Family Medical Leave System in the State
Yankee Institute opposes this bill because it would take money from an employee’s paycheck for something that employees may never have to use. Also, the system as it currently stands would be insolvent immediately and would result in more taxes.

House Bill 5591: An Act Concerning Pay Equity in the Workforce
Yankee opposes this bill because there are several pay equity laws – both federal and state – already on the books. This bill is repetitive, unnecessary and wasteful of lawmakers’ time.

Senate Bill 248: An Act Requiring a Certificate of Need For The Reduction of Services at a Hospital
Yankee Institute opposes this bill because it is further regulation on Connecticut’s hospitals and their ability to adapt to the needs of their communities.

House Bill 6035: An Act Concerning the Requirements for Certificate of Need
Yankee Institute opposes this bill because it makes the approval process for hospitals to eliminate services more stringent. Instead, we should make the approval process for adding new services easier.


House Bill 5149: An Act Concerning Certain Minimum Fair Wage Provisions
This bill allows individuals under the age of 19 to work 1,000 hours for below the state minimum wage. Yankee Institute supports this bill because it encourages business to hire young workers and give them experience in the workplace.

House Bill 5590: An Act Creating a Task Force to Improve the Workforce Development System in Connecticut
Yankee Institute supports this bill which would create a task force to study ways to improve worker training in the state. An educated and productive workforce would help Connecticut raise employment and wages.

House Bill 6219: An Act Concerning Community Re-Entry by Persons Who Were Incarcerated
This bill would help people formerly incarcerated to get jobs by offering enhanced employment opportunities and tax credits to employers. Yankee Institute supports this bill to help get people back to work after serving their time. Such measures will increase employment and help keep people from slipping back into criminal behavior. “The start of a prison sentence should not be end of someone’s life.”

House Bill 5382: An Act Requiring a Review of the Certificate of Need Process
This bill would review the current certificate of need process for hospitals to purchase machinery and equipment. “We should take every opportunity to keep our regulations up to date and ensure access to new technology.”

House Bill 5944: An Act Requiring Public Hearings on the Reports of the Auditors of Public Accounts
The Auditors of Public Accounts check that taxpayer money is being used efficiently and state law is being followed. But sometimes state agencies ignore their recommendations. This bill would ensure that agencies who refuse to solve their problems have to explain why.

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