Lessons from the Donut Shop

The Tax Foundation is one of America’s oldest and most respected research organizations focused on taxation policy in the U.S. For example, the Tax Foundation’s Principles of Sound Tax Policy are the gold standard for designing tax reforms that are sensible and pro-growth.

They’ve simplified much of their research into a few simple lessons in a new video, Lessons from the Donut Shop.Be sure to check it out.

Policy Corner: Higher Taxes, Inevitable Consequences (Plastic Bag Edition)

It is a genuine law of economics, because it is a central law of human nature: if you tax something, you get less of it. A necessary corollary: most taxes bring in less revenue than predicted because people modify their behavior to avoid the tax. Connecticut’s elected officials have been ...

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Policy Corner: Never Let the Constitution Get in the Way of a Bad Idea

Let the emblem of the legislative session, and of the last decade of Connecticut’s governance, be this new “mansion tax.” It was slipped into the budget in the last minute. It wasn’t properly vetted. It sends terrible signals to would-be entrants to Connecticut, while warning Connecticut’s current residents to get the heck out. And ...

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