The “Fair Share” of Income Taxes

The Hartford Courant ran an article today featuring the Yankee Institute’s research “A Look at Who Pays Connecticut’s Income Tax” by Executive Director Fergus Cullen.

“It’s easy to bash the rich and say they aren’t pulling their weight, but we did the math,” said Fergus Cullen, the Yankee Institute’s executive director. “The idea that you can use the successful as a mule to carry the load for everyone else is wrong.

The article features the Yankee Institute research, including several key statistics regarding where income tax revenue actually is raised.

At the opposite end of the philosophical spectrum is the Yankee Institute for Public Policy, a conservative counterpoint to Voices for Children that analyzes much of the same data.

The Yankee Institute studied the tax filings at the state Department of Revenue Services that outline the number of income tax filers in various income categories. The institute’s report showed that 46.8 percent of all state income taxes in 2007 were paid by residents living in Fairfield County. That is more money than those living in six of the state’s other eight counties — Litchfield, New Haven, Middlesex, Tolland, Windham and New London — combined.

You can download the full report here.

Agreed, State Employees Are Not The Problem

The recent op-ed in the Courant is correct on one count: state employees are not the problem. If not state employees, then who is to blame for the seemingly perpetual state budget deficit? The problem is politicians who, and this won’t surprise anyone, made promises they couldn’t keep.

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