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Connecticut's Environmental Right Amendment - We Have Questions

Connecticut legislators have introduced an environmental rights amendment, proposing new “inherent, inalienable, and indefeasible” rights to the state constitution. The proposed amendment states that each Connecticut resident shall have the “individual right to clean and healthy air, water, soil and environment; a stable climate; and self-sustaining ecosystems,” with the justification the ‘rights’ are for the safety and general welfare of the public.

The amendment is incredibly vague, leaving room for the heavy hand of government to implement laws and regulations that dictate how you spend your money and resources. We the people need to force legislators to answer our questions and get specific about what this amendment is and how it will be used before it’s too late.


Lawmakers are proposing an amendment to our state constitution

At first glance, this bill seems pretty great… an “environmentally friendly” future for all of Connecticut? What could be bad about that?


Ask yourself this...

Does this bill give the government unlimited power to set strict regulations that harm the economy and hurt hard-working families of our state?


It's time to ask some questions...

Your elected officials report to you… get the ANSWERS to your questions!

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