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Connecticut Lawmakers are wasting no time this legislative session introducing a slew of bills aimed at increasing taxes on businesses, property owners and the affluent, as well as hiring additional tax agents to crackdown on enforcement. The proposed bills were admitted at a time when the state is projecting a $3.1 billion surplus and has a sizable budget reserve fund in its coffers. Connecticut’s policies have already triggered a net-loss of more than $12 billion in adjusted gross income between 2012 and 2018 due to outmigration to lower tax states.

So why do these bad policies keep garnering support and what can we do to stop them from tanking our beloved state beyond repair? For starters, there’s a big difference between what proponents of these bills say they are, compared to the unintended consequences that reign down on communities as a result of them. As more and more bills surface, Yankee Institute will act as your translator so you and the residents of Connecticut have the tools to make sound judgments on policies and hold your elected officials accountable. We’ll also provide you with alternative free market solutions that tackle today’s issues at their core, and not at the expense of the people or businesses of Connecticut.

Will you take a stand against these Bad Bills?

The fate of each of these bills is currently being decided by different committees and legislators. Use the “Get Involved Now” button on each bill to tell those specific legislators to vote NO before it’s too late, or access all current campaigns using the link below.