CT Union Contracts

A searchable database of downloadable contracts.

Use this database to find public union contracts at the state and municipal level.
For questions or to submit a contract, please email

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CT Wheel of Taxes

Explore our Wheel of Taxes.

Use this reference to see the myriad of taxes that the Connecticut state legislature have actively considered or implemented. You may or may not be surprised to see that there are more than a dozen tax proposals being floated. Explore our Wheel of Taxes.

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Reforms that will make it easier to hire and work in our state, at no cost to taxpayers.

A better economy means better jobs which mean a better life for people across Connecticut. To accomplish this, our state must create a freer and friendlier business climate so that new businesses can more easily launch and grow and support the success of existing job creators by freeing them from unnecessary regulations.

The centerpiece of "Connecticut Can Work" is a toolbox comprised of 11 reforms. Each of these reforms make it easier to hire and work in Connecticut right away. And at no cost to the state or to you, the already-overburdened taxpayer!

Yankee Institute proposed these reforms because our beloved state is struggling. While we certainly need major changes, we shouldn’t discount the small opportunities that will help return Connecticut and its citizens to prosperity.

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Use this database to find public employee salary data, pension beneficiary information, and state government's checkbook.

In February 2010, the Yankee Institute launched the CT Sunlight Project to bring greater accountability and transparency to state government spending in Connecticut. Three types of information are available on the site: payroll data, pension benefits, and expenditure data.

Yankee conducted a pilot project to add payroll and pension data for municipal employees in 2010. There are no plans to collect this data in the future.

All of the data is now gathered via, a website developed by the Connecticut General Assembly under the direction of the Office of Fiscal Analysis with data provided by the Office of the State Comptroller. The Yankee Institute would like to thank all those state and local government officials who worked diligently to gather the data.

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