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Yankee Institute Statement on Governor Lamont’s State of the State Address

Yankee Institute applauds Gov. Ned Lamont’s commitment to uniting both parties to fix the problems that plague our beautiful state.

The Governor is right to call for “a reduction in tax rates which the state can afford and makes life more affordable.” His call for fewer taxes and increasing the taxpayer base for a “bigger economic pie” is sensible, welcome and encouraging.

Meanwhile, to combat the housing shortage, Yankee Institute supports the governor’s reliance on local control in determining how and where homes will be built. This commonsense approach will diminish the unnecessary divisiveness this important issue has engendered in the past. What’s more, it will reduce tensions between the state and municipalities, and place the issue back in the hands of the people and communities impacted most.

We also agree with the Governor that health care, energy and housing costs are high and that the answer isn’t more subsidies or bailouts. Taxpayers cannot afford them.

As a policy organization committed to the best interests of our state’s people, we stand ready to work with the Governor and his administration to tackle these important issues. Together, we can empower our families and help our state prosper.

Carol Platt Liebau

Carol has worked as an attorney, author, political and policy advisor, and media commentator. In addition to practicing law, she has served as legislative assistant to Senator Christopher S. “Kit” Bond of Missouri; as a consultant to the U.S. Senate campaigns of John D. Ashcroft of Missouri (1994) and Congressman Tom Campbell of California (2000 and 2010); and as law clerk to Reagan appointee Judge David B. Sentelle of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit.

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