Yankee Institute Statement on House Democrats’ Proposal to Toll Trucks

“The proposal by Democrats in the House of Representatives to toll only trucks is like a case of déjà vu. Gov. Ned Lamont campaigned on tolling only trucks but reversed that campaign promise mere months into his tenure. Instituting tolls on trucks will increase business costs which, in turn, will increase the cost of living in Connecticut. It will also likely lead to a lawsuit, similar to the lawsuit in Rhode Island that has yet to be settled. If lawmakers worked as hard to reduce costs and fix Connecticut’s critical financial problems as they do drafting toll proposals, we’d have a more prosperous state and happier residents. There is little reason to believe that the very people who have actively fought to toll all vehicles will suddenly limit tolls to trucks only. Connecticut lawmakers have no right to demand one cent more from taxpayers, truck drivers or businesses until they first reform Connecticut’s underlying fiscal problems.”

Statement by Carol Platt Liebau, President of Yankee Institute

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