The Yankee Scorecard: A Report on Connecticut’s 2019 Legislative Session

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We end the 2019 legislative session with a mixture of relief (as bad as it was, it could have been even worse!) and regret (because there are new laws that will make life more difficult for our state’s taxpayers and job creators). But there’s no rest for the weary: we’re gearing up to fight — and if possible, prevent — a special session on tolls.

With notable tax increases — particularly an effective income tax increase on small businesses — a minimum-wage hike, and the adoption of a limited paid Family and Medical Leave program, in some sense, much of the session’s most destructive measures will impact Connecticut’s small businesses most. But given the blitzkrieg of unwise policies emanating from the Capitol, Yankee Institute draws some limited comfort from the fact that its constant efforts, supported at every turn by a variety of issue coalitions that we helped to build and maintain, were successful in beating back waves of potentially debilitating legislation.

What follows is a highlight reel of Yankee’s work throughout the last five months, along with a partial accounting of the final results of the 2019 regular session in Connecticut.


**To read the full report, please download the PDF**

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