Connecticut’s Taxes and Fees: 350 Sources of Revenue

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Connecticut has 350 sources of revenue in the form of taxes and fees.


One hundred and fifty of those revenue sources only bring in $10.5 million per year — that’s 0.05 percent of the budget!


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Gov. Ned Lamont’s Tolling Promises and Diversions: A Look at the Numbers

Even if Gov. Ned Lamont gets his tolling bill through the General Assembly during a special session, his plan, the budget and proposed reductions to the gasoline tax and bus fare would amount to $288 million in either less revenue to the Special Transportation Fund or increased public transportation subsidies. ...

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Tong Seeks to Expand Powers of the Attorney General

Connecticut’s Attorney General William Tong is seeking to fulfill his campaign promise to aggressively pursue civil-rights violations by introducing a bill to the Joint Committee on Judiciary that would expand his office’s powers to take action in civil-rights cases. Not only was the bill, HB 7222, written at the AG’s ...

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