Connecticut’s Taxes and Fees: 350 Sources of Revenue

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Connecticut has 350 sources of revenue in the form of taxes and fees.


One hundred and fifty of those revenue sources only bring in $10.5 million per year — that’s 0.05 percent of the budget!


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Yankee Institute Supports Cost-Cutting from Gov. Malloy and Lawmakers

Last week, Yankee Institute President Carol Platt Liebau sent a letter to Gov. Malloy and lawmakers to offer support for many of their cost-cutting ideas. PDF Version: Budget Ideas from the Yankee Institute Dear Governor Malloy and Legislative Leaders, Thank you for your efforts to address the problems with Connecticut’s budget now, rather than waiting to make last minute cuts near the end of the fiscal year. We appreciate your bipartisan commitment to reducing spending.

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Connecticut’s 371 Taxes and Fees

The State of Connecticut collects revenue from more than 371 unique sources according to the latest report from the Yankee Institute. While the cost of government has increased threefold over the past 40 years, the state’s population and median income have failed to keep up. At least part of the ...

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