Say NO to HB 5526 Senate

Oppose Government Reporting on Causes You Support

The Yankee Institute doesn’t take a position on guns, abortion or immigration. But if HB 5526 passes, we’ll be able to look up the position of private individuals who donate. And so will everyone else, including government officials in Hartford and Washington.

Tell your state senator RIGHT NOW that you don’t want government to get between you and the causes you support.

Transparency is for government. Privacy is for people.

We’re leaders in government transparency, publishing the pensions and salaries of all state employees at CTSunlight.org. We’ll never back down when it comes to shining a light on how government works. But transparency is for government. Privacy is for people. What could possibly be gained from learning who gives to Planned Parenthood or the Connecticut Citizens Defense League? We know where these groups stand. Their views are no secret and no donation is likely to change their positions.

Email your state senator and ask that they respect your privacy and the privacy of all Connecticut citizens.

Replacing Debate with Intimidation

A database with the names and addresses of private individuals who support various controversial causes has value for no one other than those who prefer intimidation to debate. House Bill 5526 seeks to insert state government between people and the causes they support. Not only that, it requires state government to publish an online database identifying people, the cause(s) they support, and where they live. That’s a bad idea.

Tell your lawmaker to protect debate in Connecticut from this serious threat.

The First Amendment Comes First

One of the fundamental principles that’s made America great is the understanding that the answer to controversial speech is not silence, but more speech.

The First Amendment protects our ability to take positions on the issues – publicly or privately – and to participate in groups that do the same. That’s how we solve disputes: by airing them out, letting all sides be heard, and then deciding. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. We can always debate again. And again. And again.

Email your lawmaker right now to support the First Amendment.

Chilling Participation

House Bill 5526 stands in direct opposition to American tradition. It chills robust debate and intimidates private citizens from participating, by raising legitimate fears that they will face reprisals as a result. In fact, The Supreme Court has recognized the importance donor privacy plays in protecting private individuals from organized harassment and intimidation, rejecting efforts to obtain the names of the NAACP’s donors during the civil rights era.

Contact Your Senator

Click on your location to contact your Senator and tell them not to support HB 5526.