An Affordability Agenda: Yankee’s First Five Practical Priorities for 2019

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**To read the full policy paper, please download the PDF**

Since the November election, public attention has focused on the Progressive Caucus’ Big Five initiatives and on how

Gov. Ned Lamont will address the myriad challenges confronting Connecticut. In keeping with Yankee Institute’s

mission to enable all Connecticut’s people to be free to succeed, we offer policy proposals that are designed to present:

  • A continuing dedication to strategies that will reform promises and payments to government retirees, allowing them to be set at affordable, sustainable and equitable levels;
  • Support for Gov. Lamont’s pledge to tackle the structural debt in this and coming years without raiding the Rainy Day Fund or raising tax rates;

Five realistic, concrete proposals to enhance the well-being of our state and its people:

  • Regulatory reform to reduce the cost of doing business in Connecticut;
  • Municipal reform to allow municipalities to save money by voluntary cooperation while taxing more effectively;
  • A local-option minimum-wage cap rather than a uniform statewide increase;
  • A credible transportation plan that is not just another blank check to the state; and
  • Revenue-neutral tax reform that will slow the flight of Connecticut’s tax base.

**To read the full policy paper, please download the PDF**

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