Above The Law: How Government Unions’ Extralegal Privileges Are Harming Public Employees, Taxpayers and the State

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Yankee Letter:

Connecticut has so many advantages — including an educated population, a prime location midway between Manhattan and Boston, and a quality of life that’s hard to beat. Why, then, is the Constitution State mired in debt, and shedding both residents and jobs? The primary reason: Outsized power wielded by government unions.

Government unions’ dominance in Hartford has led to a two-tiered system of laws — one that unfairly advantages government unions at the expense of ordinary citizens, and erodes the legitimate power of elected lawmakers.

As a result, Connecticut suffers from a litany of ills including high taxes; high debt; the worst pension liabilities in the nation; the highest differential between private and public sector pay; and the slowest job growth in the nation.

This report details the laws and practices that have created this disparity between government unions and the rest of us. It also compares Connecticut to our neighboring states – and the comparison is not a flattering one. Even in a union-friendly region, Connecticut is an outlier in how much power it cedes to its government unions.

We hope this paper serves as a blueprint for the changes that Connecticut needs to make to get back on track. These common sense reforms can help Connecticut realize its potential once again, with thriving residents and a flourishing state economy.

**To read Above The Law please download the PDF**


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