Oppose the paid leave payroll tax

Oppose the paid leave payroll tax

Lawmakers in Hartford plan to raise your taxes again!

This time it’s a new payroll tax that will hit Connecticut families hard, costing each household hundreds of dollars a year.

What’s worse, Connecticut can’t afford it! The program would cost $13 million to start and $18 million per year at a time when Connecticut is broke.

The tax is part of a mandate to give people up to three months off work and $12,000 to care for themselves, extended family members, or even friends, making it ripe for abuse and fraud. Lawmakers even admitted employees could take FMLA time and pay to visit their “third cousin, once removed.” This is not good public policy.

The paid FMLA trust fund will become insolvent the moment it is enacted, which means employees will either have to pay a higher tax or the state will have to find some other “income” to support the trust fund.

This FMLA mandate will be the most expansive and generous in the nation, and it will be funded on the backs of employees with yet another payroll tax.

Your state senator or representative needs to know you oppose House Bill 5387, the paid leave payroll tax. Email your senator or representative RIGHT NOW.


“But yearly administrative costs are estimated to be “at least” $18.6 million, including an additional $408,000 for more staff at the Connecticut Department of Labor. The DOL already claims in can barely support its staff and recently tried to implement a tax on employers to fund the agency’s employee costs.”

“Based on these figures it would require 37 employees paying into the system to compensate for 1 employee that used Connecticut paid leave. The program could quickly become insolvent if more than 2.7 percent of Connecticut employees used the program per year.”

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