• We’ve heard a lot about “non-essential businesses.” It’s time to talk about non-essential GOVERNMENT.
  • It’s not government’s job to pick winners and losers among Connecticut businesses. It’s the government’s job to offer reasonable guidelines to keep the public safe, and then trust people to make the decisions that are right for them.
  • Government decision making should be transparent, and rest on clearly explained scientific or policy rationales that are equally applied to all citizens.

Next Steps

  • Gov. Lamont needs to suspend the 5.5% state employee pay increase scheduled for July. “Shared sacrifice” should be truly SHARED.
    • It would save $353 million
    • State employees received a 5.5% increase last year, and a $2,000 bonus in 2018
    • The following states have proposed or passed legislation or executive orders for pay freezes, pay cuts, or the furloughing of some state workers; NY, VA, AL, CA, CO, HI, MI, NJ, RI, NV, NM, NC, and PA
  • Gov. Lamont needs to use his “emergency authority” to bring government unions to the negotiating table.
  • Gov. Lamont should recognize his obligation to collaborate with the people’s representatives in the state legislature.