Free to Learn

CHALLENGE: Education is the human rights issue of our time. Education is a springboard for confidence and success and we need to make sure that all families and all kids have access to the same opportunities regardless of race, background, zip code or income.

With parent choice, Connecticut’s children can:

  • Have equal access to high quality schools.
  • Get the education and services that fit their specific needs.
  • Be free to learn and free to succeed!

What can you do?

  • Tell us what you think Connecticut lawmakers should do so every child can be free to learn.
  • Provide your information so we can keep you informed about important research, legislative updates, activism and other opportunities as they arise.
Beam of light: Bob Hayes in Meriden

Beam of light: Bob Hayes in Meriden

Bob Hayes, of Meriden CT, created a light display to uplift the spirits of his neighbors and people driving by. The display runs every evening at 10:00 p.m. The Hayes home is located on Evansville Avenue in Meriden. You can also view the display on YouTube using the link below.

Beam of light: Northford Congregational Church, in Northford

Beam of light: Northford Congregational Church, in Northford

The Northford Congregational Church, in Northford, CT, has set up a food box in front of the church, where people in need of a food item can take what they may need. The local food bank is closed, and this has become a popular resource in the village of Northford. The church has been pleased to see food disappearing each day and being restocked by the community through food donations.

Beam of light: Beach House Café in Greenwich

Beam of light: Beach House Café in Greenwich

Beach House Café, a local restaurant in the Riverside community of Greenwich has mobilized their team to make and deliver hot meals to medical professionals fighting to save lives in Greenwich. Restaurant owners Kane Xu and Daniel Gressel are sending 180 meals to Greenwich Hospital.
“Seniors had the carpet pulled out from under them because of the pandemic and they are losing out on one of the most special days of their senior year.”

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