Heath W. Fahle

Lawmakers approve reform of wrongful imprisonment settlements

The state of Connecticut paid out $28 million in wrongful imprisonment awards in 2015 and 2016, significantly more than in previous years. Lawmakers passed a bill this week creating legislative oversight for those awards and a formula to determine the amount of compensation for a wrongfully convicted individual. Under the proposed legislation the claims commission would be able to award up to twice the median state income per year of incarceration, adjusted for inflation. It also gives the claims commissioner discretion to award an additional 25 percent, but any payout over $20,000 would be subject to legislative review.

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CT’s Small Business Climate: Graded D (Needs Improvement!)

Don’t take it from us — take it from the Economist. A recent piece there finds that Connecticut merits only a “D” for its overall friendliness to small business.  That means it’s better only than California, Illinois, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont.  Whooppee. And that’s just overall.  When it comes ...

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