To indicate compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (“COPPA”), the Yankee Institute for Public Policy Studies, Inc. (“Yankee”) will maintain this policy for all information received pertaining to children under the age of thirteen for purposes of promoting the Back-to-School Art Contest (the “Contest”) during the period from September 28, 2020 and October 15, 2020. 

Yankee [practices of collecting personal information on the website; including how other services collect any information (plug-ins, networks, etc.), and who those other services are]. For any inquiries from parents or legal guardians pertaining to the security and privacy procedures of information collected, Yankee will receive those inquiries at Isabel@yankeeinstitute.org and respond appropriately in a timely manner. 

Information collected consists only of information the parent or legal guardian provides, including the original artwork and any information included on such artwork, the child’s name, address, age, enrolled grade, school in which the child is enrolled, and the child’s main teacher’s name. This hereinabove mentioned information will be used for notifying Contest winners. Information disclosed to the public upon selection of a Contest winner will include the child’s first name, age, grade, teacher, and school in which they are enrolled. Yankee will only make such disclosures through Yankee’s social media page, Yankee’s website, and to Yankee friends and supporters via the Thanksgiving card upon which the winning artwork will be transfixed. 

Yankee shall not require disclosure of any additional information that is not reasonably necessary to participate in the Contest. Parents and guardians may at all times review their child’s or ward’s personal information, direct Yankee to delete it, and refuse to allow Yankee any further collection or use of the child’s or ward’s information. Parental of guardian consent to use the child’s or ward’s information will not extend to third parties, and Yankee will maintain security of all information. If parents or guardians wish to revoke their consent, they may do so by emailing Isabel@yankeeinstitute.org and requesting immediate cessation of such use.