Policy Statement: Damaging Mistake to Exempt Reopen CT Advisory Group from Transparency Laws

“Gov. Lamont’s decision to exempt his recently-formed Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group from Freedom of Information laws is unacceptable and should be reversed. The Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group is tasked with making decisions that will impact the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands – possibly millions – of people across our state. Those for whom the Advisory Group’s decisions mean the difference between financial survival and ruin don’t sit on the council; yet surely they have as much right as the rich and powerful to understand exactly how those decisions are being made. Hiding the information and decision-making process that inform the advisory group’s recommendations from those it affects most is insulting, counterproductive, and treats the people of Connecticut like subjects, rather than citizens.   

It is vital that the people of Connecticut have trust in state government to make the right decisions for the right reasons during this unprecedented time. Trust comes only with transparency. Gov. Lamont should immediately correct this damaging mistake.“

Statement attributable to Carol Platt Liebau, President of Yankee Institute

Gov. Malloy’s Shore Up CT program gets few takers, paid out exorbitant administrative fees

The Department of Housing paid exorbitant fees to a lender administrating the Shoreline Resiliency Loan Fund, part of Gov. Dannel Malloy’s Shore Up CT program created in 2014 to give homeowners and businesses low interest loans to upgrade their properties to withstand coastal storms in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. ...

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State Troopers doubling pay with overtime due to staffing shortage, as state braces for mass retirements

An audit of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection found that 56 percent of state troopers singled out for review earned more than 100 percent of their base salary through overtime. “These employees’ base salaries ranged from $44,129 to $83,137, while overtime ranged from $50,968 to $190,677,” the ...

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