Bipartisan Concern Over Herbst’s “Overly Generous” Pay Package

Although Connecticut’s median income has decreased by 4% (inflation-adjusted) since he took office, Gov. Dannel Malloy nonetheless just handed out 3%-12% salary increases to political appointees.  Too often, it seems like the government elite gets to live by a different set of rules than those for the taxpayers who subsidize them.

Of course, union leaders representing government workers always want us to believe that we’re “in this together.” Well, apparently not.

In fact, both Democrat and Republican leaders have expressed concern about the munificent pay package being awarded UConn president Susan Herbst — a 60% increase in the eight years she has run UConn.  By 2019, Herbst will be raking in annual compensation of $831,070.  Well, presumably someone has to adjudicate matters like the “spirit rock” controversy.  Or not.

The bipartisan concern is well-grounded.  Herbst’s take is impressive, especially considering that the UConn Board of Trustees approved a 6.5% tuition hike last June, and many of its students struggle with gut-churning debt.

But there are, after all, two sets of rules: One for those in government, and one for those of us on the outside of that charmed circle, who must content ourselves just with paying for all of it.

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