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Number of Connecticut students drop, but education costs continue to rise

Fewer and fewer students are enrolling in Connecticut’s schools but that hasn’t stopped education budgets from growing and per-pupil costs from sky-rocketing to previously unheard of levels, according to figures compiled by the Western Connecticut Council of Governments. The median, inflation-adjusted per-student cost in Connecticut has grown 35 percent between 2006 and 2016, largely due to declining enrollment coupled with growing budgets.

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Farmington voters will decide Thursday whether to spend $135 million on a new high school

The town of Farmington, population 26,000, will vote Thursday on a school construction project that has sparked debate with its price tag of $135 million. The plan to construct an entirely new high school will take four years to complete but Connecticut’s dire fiscal situation has some town officials and members of the public concerned about the scope and size of the project.

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