Malloy to pay $300,000 for free mileage tax study

Connecticut has pledged $300,000 to study the possibility of a mileage tax but, as Representative Gail Lavielle notes, the money is wasted because the state would get the results of the study even if it committed no funds at all. Connecticut is part of the I-95 Corridor Coalition, which consists of 16 states along the Atlantic seaboard. Connecticut would receive the results of the pilot study regardless of its cash contribution because the results are shared with all members of the coalition. In all, eleven states are contributing no funds to the study but will still have access to the findings. “Why Connecticut has to be a leader is beyond me,” Lavielle said in an interview.

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Gov. Malloy calls for tolls, increasing gas tax and a tire tax to fund transportation

Gov. Dannel Malloy called on state legislature to approve electronic tolls for Connecticut’s highways, a 7 cent increase in the gasoline tax and a three dollar tax on tires in an effort to increase revenue to the state’s Special Transportation Fund.

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Marc E. Fitch

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