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Groton leaders struggle to balance race – and budgets – as population changes

Groton has been trying in vain to meet state racial balance requirements for its schools since 2000, but now city leaders have a new idea: build one giant middle school. The effort - known as the Groton 2020 plan - comes with a price-tag of $191.7 million. With up to 80 percent of construction costs being paid for by the state, the Groton 2020 plan is a prime example of how court-imposed racial balance guidelines are forcing districts to build new schools and costing towns and the state millions. Yet, despite the money spent many remain dissatisfied with the results.

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Students discuss jobs, lack of opportunity in Connecticut at the capitol

Students from New Light High School, an alternative high school in New Haven, met Thursday with Rep. Robyn Porter, D-New Haven, and Sen. Len Fasano, R-North Haven, to discuss their concerns and learn about the political process. Although the students remained largely quiet, their adult escorts – including teachers – brought up the issue of job opportunity and the fact that young people are leaving the state.

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