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CT budget revisions only a pause in the wrong direction

The General Assembly passed a budget last week that stops driving Connecticut backward. The question is: will we take the next step and start driving forward? Last year, lawmakers passed the second-largest tax increase in state history, just five years after the largest tax increase. This year’s budget, while not good, was at least a temporary rejection of last year’s approach. It remains to be seen whether it was really a change of direction or merely a case of election-year stagefright.

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Budget establishes Connecticut Municipal Redevelopment Authority with power to seize properties, borrow money

The 2017 budget proposal establishes a new state municipal authority with the power to condemn and seize private property and borrow money to meet its development goals. The Connecticut Municipal Redevelopment Authority was not debated during the 2017 legislative session and may be the latest attempt by Gov. Dannel Malloy’s ...

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