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Study: Only 34 percent of Connecticut teachers get a full pension, nearly half get nothing

Only 34 percent of Connecticut’s teachers will work until they reach retirement age and get the full value of their pension, according to a new study released by Education Next, a education journal produced by the Hoover Institution. Of new teachers starting out in education, only 55 percent will actually stay in the job for a full 10 years so they are vested in the pension plan.

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Local police departments fall behind on drug asset forfeiture payments

When local law enforcement makes a drug trafficking arrest, the court has the ability to seize property - including cars and money - thought to be a part of the illegal operation. Vehicles and other property are then sold at auction and the proceeds are split between several state agencies. The practice is known as civil asset forfeiture and it brings in millions to state agencies. But some local police departments are slow to pay up.

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